96V Low frequency 10kw inverter split phase 110V/220V 120V/240V

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Output Power:12000W

Input Voltage:96VDC

Output Voltage:110V/220VAC, 120V/240VAC

Output Frequency:50hz/60hz

Controller type:MPPT


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96V Low frequency 10kw inverter split phase 110V/220V 120V/240V

Rated power
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
110V/220V, 120V/240V AC
Output waveform
Pure sine wave
Type of battery
Battery rated voltage
96V dc
AC charging current

Overload: Rated power over 110%, shut down automatically,

short circuit: Automatic Shutdown
battery high and low voltage
AC input high and low voltage protection
Solar Charger Controller
MPPT solar controller
MPPT Current
Communication port

Product Description

~ Pure sine wave output
~ With MPPT solar charge controller 30A-100A(Optional)
~ It has perfect protection functions such as overload, high voltage, low voltage, short circuit, etc
~ With UPS automatic switching function, grid power charging function, AVR voltage stabilization function ~ DSP Intelligent Chip Control, Excellent Performance
~ Strong inverting capability, one-time soft start, triple output peak power, with all inductive loads
~ Full personalized LCD display, it can display various data information of inverter, solar charge controller ~ Grid power priority, energy saving mode and solar energy priority can be set free to meet different occasions
~ Battery type, charging voltage grid power charging current (0-35A) can be set free to meet the charging management of different types of batteries

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24V DC system

2-3kw output power

48V DC system

4-6KW output power

96V DC system

8-12kw output power

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