China Half Cell PV Solar Modules Monocrystaline 400W Half Cell Solar Panel Mono


400W Half Cell Solar Panel Mono Monocrystalline silicon solar panel, concentrating light as the source, producing electricity silently

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Solar Panel

The electrical parameters, size, and frame method of the solar panels all can be customized according to customer requirements.

Component application knowledge:

1. Some customers ask why they can’t reach the nominal current when measured with a multimeter.
Because the short-circuit current is only a parameter to measure the quality of solar cells, this parameter can only be tested with a module tester. And the multimeter itself is the load, so the tested parameter is the working current. Please do not misunderstand, and the solar panel test condition is 1000W/square meter illuminance 250CAM1.5 (atmospheric transparency). Our solar panels are tested under standard illumination, which is a theoretical concept, and solar energy varies according to the buyer’s region.
2.Can solar panels generate electricity on cloudy days?
Power can also be generated on cloudy days, but the amount of power generated depends mainly on the intensity of the light. If the light is strong, there will be a weak current. However, compared with normal sunlight intensity, this power generation may be several times or even hundreds of times different. In short, the stronger the light, the more power generated, the weaker the light, the less power generated.
3.How much power load appliances can solar panels drive?
In fact, the only function of solar panels is to generate electricity. All electrical appliances that need to be carried, whether DC or AC appliances, are carried by batteries and inverters, and have no direct relationship with solar panels. In a grid-connected power generation system, solar panels supply power to the inverter, and the inverter generates as much electricity as it provides. In an off-grid power generation system, the solar group only charges the battery.
4.Can the solar panel be charged without a controller?
In theory, it is not possible, unless it is specially customized for special occasions. First, we should understand the function of the controller. The controller is a protection device for the solar panel to control overcharge and overprotection of the battery. The controller’s protection of the battery keeps the battery from being damaged. If there is no controller, charge the battery directly without overcharge protection. Then, it will cause all photovoltaic power generation to be charged into the battery. (Take a 12V battery as an example, the full-charge protection value is 14V. If there is no controller, using 18V solar charging will charge the battery to 18V, which will cause the battery to be damaged, and in severe cases, it will cause the battery to explode).



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