Online High Frequency UPS From Three-three phase 10KVA-40KVA 60KVA-80KVA

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1. Large input voltage range: full load: 275Vac-475Vac; no-load:210Vac-475Vac

2. Large input frequency range: The UPS can work in mains INV mode if the input ranges from 40 to 70Hz.

3. High output accuracy: ±1% output voltage error.

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  • 1. High-frequency online three-in and three-out UPS, the output can be connected to unbalanced load, and the input three-phase always keeps the load balanced.
  • 2. Fully digital control,more stable performance.
  • 3. Energy-saved and environmental protection, efficiency is up to 93%
  • 4. Support N+X parallel redundancy
  • 5. The most optimized tower structure design has the smallest volume compared to similar products on the market
  • 6. A single set of battery supplies power to the system, reducing the number of batteries and save cost.
  • 7. 10-20K standard machine integrated design with battery built-in, easy to install and use.
  • 8. Visualized LCD display interface, clear and intuitive display of three-phase working information.
  • 9. Intelligent mobile monitoring cards are supported to monitor UPS data in real time through mobile apps.






Model XT33 10KVA XT33 10KS XT33 20KVA XT33 20KS XT33 30KS XT33 40KS
Rated Power 10kVA/9kW 20kVA/18kW 30kVA/27kW 40kVA/36kW
Input Voltage Range 207-475Vac 3P4W+G
Working Frequency Range 40-70Hz (settable)
Input Power Factor ≥0.95
Output Rated Voltage and Accuracy 380Vac(1±1%) 3P4W+G
Output Frequency 46-54Hz synchronize with mains power; 50Hz (Mains power between 40-46Hz and 54-60Hz ); 50Hz(Battery)
Rated Current 15A 30A 45A 61A
Output Power Factor 0.9
Output Harmonic Wave ≤3%
Crest Factor 3: 1
Output Overload 105%±5%<Load≤125%±5%: Convert to bypass output and alarm after 1min;
125%±5%<Load≤150%±5%: Convert to bypass output and alarm after 30s;
Load>150%±5%: Convert to bypass output and alarm after 300ms.
Conversion time between Mains Power and Battery 0ms
Efficiency >92% >91%
Battery Rated Voltage 192Vdc ±192Vdc
Quantity 16 32
Charging Current 1A 5.5A 1A 7.5A 5.5A
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 560x260x717 533x260x501 710x260x717 710x260x717
Weight 72kg 26kg 98kg 57.5kg 58.5kg 62kg
Working Temperature 0℃-40℃
Working  Humidity 20%-95%
Noise ≤60dB


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